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A Sense of Space and Place”

Lennie Mullaney and Alison Huber-Jewett

NH Art Association, 136 State St, Portsmouth, NH

Oct. 3 - 28, Opening Fri., Oct. 5, 5 - 8 PM

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100 Market St.
September 2016

So Many Wonderful Themes," the Gallery at 100 Market's current fine art exhibition, is, as the title implies, an outstanding collection of multiple subjects. The exhibit of more than 100 works includes collections with as few as two and as many as 25 works of art on a single topic or style... Click HERE to read more.

Artscope Magazine
September 2015

Artists have strong personalities, passionate and independent, and making art in most cases is a very solitary labor. Artists, usually driven by economic need, band together to form co-ops and collectives; unfortunately, the result is often short-lived... Click HERE to read more.

Art Business News
Winter 2014

Article written about the Button Factory... Click HERE to read more.


New Hampshire Art Association

136 State St, Portsmouth, NH

Barn Gallery